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December 6, 2018

Captain Marvel Trailer Reaction

Just two months before Avengers 4 hits cinemas, we get our first solo outing with Captain Marvel - confirmed as being the most powerful hero in the entire MCU - and a chance to see her powers before we see them being put to use trying to defeat Thanos.

The film is groundbreaking for Marvel as it will be their first Hollywood blockbuster starring a female superhero and takes place during the 1990s where we see younger versions of Nick Fury and Phil Coulson helping Carol Danvers investigate her former life on Earth before she became a cosmic powerhouse stuck in the middle of the famed Kree/Skrull war.

Brie Larson takes on her biggest role to date and all signs point to another smash-hit Marvel films with the trailer showing the film to take place both on Earth and in the deepest regions of space. Let us know your thoughts on the trailer, the character and your expectations for the film itself. We can't wait to see this!

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